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Exam Room & Clinical Supplies

At ScripHessco, we offer a complete inventory of the clinical supplies you need for your exam room. From alcohol prep pads to sharps needle disposal systems to waste receptacles to surgical masks, we carry supplies from the brand-name manufacturers you have come to trust.

Rubber Mixing Bowl Small 3.25 Inch
Rubber Mixing Bowl Medium 4.25 Inch
Stainless Steel Sterile Lancets 200Ct
Mixing Bowl Stainless Steel 5 Qt 11"
Mixing Bowl Stainless Steel 8 Qt 12.5"
Glass Measuring Beaker 25 Ml
Glass Stirring Rod 4"
Four Rubber Bowls And Spatula SetSale
$51.03 $45.93
C-24 Detecto Stainless Steel Step-On Can
C-32 Detecto Stainless Steel Step-On Can
C-48 Detecto Stainless Steel Step-On Can
Detecto Wall Mount Stainless Steel Waste Pail, 60 Qt
Breakthrough Coaching
Biofreeze Professional