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Vitamins and Minerals

We carry a wide selection of natural vitamins and supplements for your patients. All our vitamins are healthy and safe for your patients to use. Our selection includes vitamins for energy, omega, menopause and reducing stress. We also carry foot pads, patches, display units and the LifeSTRENGTH Edge Series Bracelet.

biopharma® nanomega® Vegan Flax with DHA - Pineapple Mango - 12.7Oz
biopharma® Nanoreds® Natural Berry - 12.7oz
biopharma® nanogluco Control™ 5.19 Oz
biopharma® nanopro® Immune - Chocolate - 1.3lbs
FNX Eve Daily: Multivitamin For Women 60/Bottle
 FNX Men's Multi Complete Daily Vitamin, 60/Bottle
Pacific Herb Libido Boost For Him Herb Pack - 100G
biopharma® nanomeal® All-In-One Meal Replacement - 14.8 oz
Detoxifying Foot Pads 10Ct
biopharma® nanominerals® Chelated Multi-Minerals No Iron 8.73oz
biopharma® naturalgreens formula™, Vegetable and Fruit Superfood - 9.5 oz.
Douglas Laboratories Vitamin K2New
Breakthrough Coaching
Biofreeze Professional