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Skeleton & Spinal Column Models

ScripHessco provides an assortment of quality spine and skeleton models. These models include healthy and degenerative spinal models, full body skeletons on stands, individual vertebrae, and skulls. Models vary in complexity, and some models include other anatomical aspects such as muscles or ligaments. Buy Spine Models, Spine Skeletons & Anatomical Skeletons.

Classic Flexible Spine with Femur Heads and Painted Muscles
5 Piece Lumbar Vertebrae With Sacrum
Vertebral Column & Femoral Heads
Budget Lumbar Vertebrae with Interchangeable Discs
Mr. Thrifty Skeleton
Didactic Spine W/ Femur Heads
Mr. Thifty With Nerves
3 Piece Vertebrae With Key Card - Model
Highly Flexible Spine Model With Femur Heads
Budget Bucky Skeleton
Mini Vertebral Spinal Column-Flexible On Stand
Stan The Standard Skeleton W/Hanging Roller Stand
Breakthrough Coaching
Biofreeze Professional