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Bailey Physical Therapy Products

Unable to find products suitable to provide the special needs of their own child, Bailey founders developed and built new products themselves. And, from day one, the same care that went into producing products for a family member has carried over to a wide variety of products ranging from tables and parallel bars, to stools, mirrors, training stairs, and more. Since the beginning, the philosophy at Bailey has been to provide the highest quality products at a fair price; and, as our product line has grown so has our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Bailey Classroom H-Brace Trmt Table W/2"Mat
Wall Pulley
Shoulder Finger Ladder
Folding Parallel Bars With Wood Base
$747.00 - $792.00
Transfer Board 8" X 24" X 3/4"
Ankle Exerciser
Wall Mount 7' Folding Parallel Bars
Work Device
Hand Assembly Device
Adjustable Incline Board
Breakthrough Coaching
Tax Savings