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Hydrothotics 30 Clinic Starter Kit

# 347 0036


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HappyFeet Hydrothotics Foot Insoles

Who should use Hydrothotics?

Anyone suffering from sore painful feet, pain in the ankle, heels, knees, hips or lower back or who stand for long periods of time on hard surfaces will benefit from the pain relieving, massaging effects of Hydrothotics.

Why Hydrothotics?

Zopec™ Medical Hydrothotics Foot Insoles are affordable, easy to use, long lasting solution for pain in your feet and lower extremities. Many over the counter or drug store solutions simply do not work or only last a few weeks. Some may need an expensive custom orthotic available through your Chiropractor or other healthcare professional. Hydrothotics are an affordable way to see if an orthotic will solve your problem before you shell out hundreds of dollars on a custom orthotic.

Wearing Hydrothotics

Ease into full daily use of your Hydrothotics. Wear them for a few hours each day in the beginning working your way up to full day use. Your feet will feel different while wearing Hydrothotics, this is normal; after your feet acclimate to your new Hydrothotics they will begin to feel better, refreshed and less painful.


Hydrothotics come in a variety of sizes for both men and women. Select the size that most closely matches your shoe size. When they arrive, place them in your shoe and observe the amount that will not fit in the back of your shoe (if any). Remove the Hydrothotics and carefully trim the toe section with a pair of scissors on the guidelines on the orthotic, replace in shoe and you are ready to get happier healthier feet! Different shoes fit your feet differently so you may need more than one pair of Hydrothotics.

Sizes Available:

Size Men Women
XS -- 5 - 6 - 7
S 5 - 6 ½ 7½ - 8
M 7 - 8 8½ -10
M2 7½ - 9 9 - 10½
L 7½ -9½ XW* --
L2 9½ - 10½ 11-12
XL 11 - 13½ --
XX 14-16 --

*XW=Extra Wide

Kit Includes:

  • 2 (XS)
  • 4 (S)
  • 4 (M)
  • 4 (M2)
  • 5 (L)
  • 5 (L2)
  • 5 (XL)
  • 2 (XX)



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