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Shuttle Systems Mvp Pro

# 849 0396
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 A must have for top University trainers, strength coaches and Pro sports teams, the MVP is designed with high performance athletes in mind. The MVP is especially valuable for working with high-level athletes where explosive power is developed with minimal joint impact.

Three In One Machine

  • Supine Leg Press
  • Less Than Body Weight Plyometrics
  • Early Stage Rehabilitation Tool

Develop Explosive Power - To develop explosive power there is no substitute for jumping. The MVP allows you to participate in closed chain protocols, as well as jumping protocols.

Supine Leg Press - The Shuttle MVP provides progressive elastic resistance in a safe supine position that ranges from 12.5-650 lbs at full extension.

Plyometric Training - Train in a less than body weight environment while zeroing in on the eccentric phase of overspeed plyometric training.

Minimize Joint Impact - Padded Kickplate and non-weight-bearing position protects joints and the spine on impact.



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