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Richmar® EVO 4 Channel Combo with Cart & Therapy Hammer PLUS FREE GelShot™ Sample Kit

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Richmar® EVO 4 Channel Combo with Cart & Therapy Hammer PLUS FREE GelShot™ Sample Kit is a new product

$4,117.00 $2,995.00


Kit Includes:


Richmar® EVO 4 Channel Combo with Cart & Therapy Hammer PLUS FREE GelShot™ Kit

The Winner EVO Series has evolved into this revolutionary Therapy System. With the Applicator Plug and Play (APP) concept, you have the flexibility to create a custom Ultrasound/Stim or Ultrasound/Stim/Laser Hybrid. A combination of modern compact design with the rugged, reliable Rich-Mar Electronics has been used by clinicians all over the world for 40 years. The optional patented AutoSound is the only unattended ultrasound available. It eliminates the possibility of human error by providing perfect perpendicular placement, gel pad coupling agent, and four independent ultrasonic diaphragms programmed to fire in optimum sequence. 

  • 4 Channel of Tru-Stim (5 waveforms) and the programming to accommodate all of Rich-Mar's ultrasound applicators.
  • 2-White pin lead cord, 2- red pin lead cord
  • 1 Case (10 packs of 4) -Multistim 2.0" x 2.0" self-adhesive electrodes
  • Cart- includes 2 storage bins
  • Free therapy hammer
  • Weight: 13 lbs
  • Pulse: 1.5 Amp/250 VAC
  • Frequency: 1MHz or 3MHz
  • Output: w/cm2 or Watts
  • Pulse: 10%, 20% or 50%, or 100%
  • Treatment Time: between 1 and 99 minutes
5cm2 Applicator
  • Dual frequency: 1MHz and 3MHz
  • Output: 0-10 Watts
10cm2 Applicator
  • 1MHz only
  • Ouput 0-20 Watts or 0-2.0 W/cm2
Therapy Hammer (5cm2 and 2cm2) FREE!!!

RichMar GelShot™

The next generation of patented ultrasound technology. Providing a no-mess, high outcome solution to therapy treatments, therapist no longer have to clean up ultrasound gel and messy applicators after treatment. You also are ensuring an effective treatment with superior coupling, because GelShot provides consistent gel thickness every time with zero air bubbles. With ultrasound, gel bubbles are common, causing cavitation and impeding the ultrasound beam, ultimately comprimising the efficacy of the treatment.

The unique GelShot is easily inserted in the GelShot Adaptor which allows therapist 360 degree of applicator mobility. The dosage control will not only save your clinc money, but you will get a better treatment outcome. Each Gelshot is individually wrapped in a hermetically sealed blister pack, lessening the possiblity of contaminator or bacteria.



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RichMar EVO 4 Channel Combo With Cart & Free Therapy HammerSale
$4,117.00 $2,995.00