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Mettler 210 Tens Unit With Timer

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Mettler 210 TENS Unit with Timer

The TENS 210 is a battery-operated two-channel transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator that creates electrical impulses. Intensity, duration, number per second, and modulation of those impulses can be altered with easy to use controls or switches, all in a lightweight package. Each unit comes with a carrying case, battery, lead wires and a pack of four self-adhesive electrodes.

  Electrodes: 2" x 2", 4/pkg
  Channels: Dual, isolated between channels  Dimensions: 9/10" x 2 3/5" x 3 7/10"
  Weight: 4 oz (includes battery)
  Power Source: 9V battery (alkaline or rechargeable nickel-cadmium)
  Battery Life: Approximately 70 hours at normal settings
  Pulse Amplitude: Adjustable 0 - 90 mA peak into 500 ohm load for each channel
  Pulse Rate: 2 - 150 Hz (adjustable)
  Pulse Width: 30 – 260 µs (adjustable) 

  Timer: 30, 60 minutes, continuous
Voltage: 0 – 100 Volt (open circuit)
  Modulation Mode: Pulse width of successive output pulse is automatically varied in cycle pattern over an interval of nominally 6.5 seconds. 1. Pulse width decreases linearly over a period of 0.5 seconds from the control setting value to a value which is 60% less.  2. This narrower pulse width is maintained for 2 seconds and then increased linearly over a 0.5 second period to its original value.  3. Pulse width is maintained for 3.5 seconds at the control setting value, the cycle is then repeated.
  Burst Mode: Bursts consist of Pulse Width (adjustable), frequency = 100 Hz; bursts occur twice every second 
Wave Form: Asymmetrical biphasic square pulse 

  One year on unit

*This item must be ordered by a licensed healthcare professional or customers with a prescription..



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