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Lotus Touch Organic Essential Oil Sweet Orange

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Lotus Touch Sweet Orange Organic Essential Oil

Sweet, warm citrus aroma. Instills optimism and happiness. Pale yellow to amber in color.

Note: All Lotus Touch essential oils are pure, therapeutic grade oils. Before bottling, each batch is tested to ensure purity, potency and quality. Did you know only 3% of all essential oils on the market are therapeutic grade?

Origin: Sicily

Latin/Species: citrus aurantium

Distillation/Extraction Method: Extracting the oil from the skin of the fruit itself produces this organic essential oil. It can become a complicated process as it results in two products: the essential oil and the juice from the fruit.

Suggested Use: This wonderful oil is warming, calming and soothing. Blend 2 drops of sweet orange, 3 drops of lavender and 2 drops of benzoin in a teaspoon of your favorite carrier oil before adding to a hot bath. To create a warm, spicy atmosphere, add 3 drops of sweet orange, 2 drops of frankincense and 1 drop of clove to your diffuser.

Did you know: Sweet orange is a lower-cost essential oil because it tends to be produced as a by-product of orange juice.

Specific Safety Advice: To be used in moderation by those with sensitive skin. Avoid use in direct sunlight.



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