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Lotus Touch Organic Essential Oil Lemongrass

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Lotus Touch Lemongrass Organic Essential Oil

Fresh, clean, citrus aroma. Stimulating, antiseptic and toning. Yellow to amber in color.

Note: All Lotus Touch essential oils are pure, therapeutic grade oils. Before bottling, each batch is tested to ensure purity, potency and quality. Did you know only 3% of all essential oils on the market are therapeutic grade?

Origin: Madagascar

Latin/Species: cymbopogon citratus

Distillation/Extraction: Extracted from the fresh or partly dried leaves of the grass.

Suggested Use: Like most lemon-scented oils, lemongrass can be very refreshing. Try adding one drop each of lemongrass, lavender and geranium to a bowl of warm water and soaking prior to a pedicure. Add the same mixture to massage oil for an invigorating foot massage. Also, try a few drops of lemongrass and cedarwood in your diffuser for a light, crisp, woodsy fragrance.

Did you know: Most of the grass after distillation is used locally to feed cattle.

Specific Safety Advice: Lemongrass should be used in moderation by those with sensitive skin.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires that MSDS be available to employees for potentially harmful substances handled in the workplace under the Hazard Communication regulation.

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