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Lotus Touch Essential Oils - 100 Ml

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Lotus Touch Pure Single-Note Essential Oils - 100 ml

Lotus Touch single note essential oils are 100% pure, therapeutic grade essntial oils. Each oil is tested to ensure purity. Available in 100 ml bottle.

Clary Sage: Powerful, woody, and herbaceous. Helps mental clarity.
Eucalyptus, Globulus: Fresh, camphorous and medicinal. Relieves congestion.
Geranium: Delightful rosy, sweet aroma. Balancing, stabilizing and uplifting.
Jasmine*: Warm, floral and rich aroma. Calming and sensual.
Lavender Highland: Steam distilled from freshly cut flowering tops of the lavender bush harvested at high altitudes Provence region of France in the foothills of the Alps. This exceptional oil has 44% Linalyl Acetate content, indicating superior quality oil. Its Ester content is 50-52%, which gives this exceptionally fine oil its gentle, rounded aroma. Fresh, floral, sweet aroma and is clear to pale yellow in color. Perfect for customized treatments, in a diffuser or as a first aid oil.
Lemon: Light fresh aroma. It is astringent, revitalizing, antiseptic and refreshing.
Lemongrass: Fresh, citrus aroma. Stimulating, antiseptic and toning.
Peppermint: Minty fresh aroma. Cooling, invigorating, and clearing.
Rose*: A subtle feminine floral aroma. Balancing, rejuvenating and soothing.
Rosemary: Herbaceous and penetrating aroma. Stimulating and energizing.
Spearmint: Subtle mint aroma. Cooling and calming oil for the nerves and digestion.
Sweet Orange: Warm and bright. Instills optimism and happiness.
Tea Tree: Camphorous and medicinal aroma. The perfect first aid oil
Ylang Ylang: A sweet, exotic floral smell. Sensual, uplifting and relaxing properties.

(*Preblended with Jojoba Carrier Oil, 5% solution.)

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires that MSDS/SDS be available to employees for potentially harmful substances handled in the workplace under the Hazard Communication regulation.

Material Safety Data Sheets

Essential Oil 10Ml Rose Abs W/Joj



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