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IontoPatch® Electrodes

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 IontoPatch® Electrodes by Travanti Medical®

An extended time-released electronic transdermal iontophoretic drug delivery medical device. The IontoPatch is an non-invasive alternative to any injection and is for single-use only. The self-contained battery produces a low-level electric iontophorosis current to delivery drug molecules across the skin and to the underlying tissue. The delivery is automatically shut off when the prescribed dose has been fully administered.
  • Box of 6
Available Electrodes include
  • IontoPatch® 80
    • To treat most anatomical areas (elbows, knees, wrists, feet, shoulders, etc)
    • 14-hour average patient wear time
    • 80mA-min
  • IontoPatch STAT® 
    • To treat the same anatomical areas as IontoPatch® 80
    • Offers the same benefits as the 80 but in a 4-hour patient wear time
    • 80mA-min
  • IontoPatch® SP
    • For smaller anatomical areas (fingers, achilles tendon, etc)
    • 14-hour average patient wear time
    • 40mA-min
  • IontoPatch Extra Strength®
    • Treats same anatomical areas as the IontoPatch® 80
    • Offers same benefits as the 80 in shorter wear time
    • More therapy in fewer treatments
    • 8-hour average patient wear time
    • 120mA-min
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Q: 80 With Saline what side does the saline go on the positive side or is it the negative side when other medication is used.
Created on Sunday, February 15, 2015 by mine
0 Answers
Q: Is this product covered by Medicare RX D - AARP United health Care?
Created on Monday, November 17, 2014 by Carol
0 Answers



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