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Custom Craftworks Solutions Destiny Portable Massage Table

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Custom Craftworks Solutions Destiny Portable Massage Table

This is a multi-purpose portable table that allows you to expand your menu of choices, to include all forms of traditional massage, reflexology, facials and waxing. The tilt back mechanism easily adjusts to 10 different levels.

Standard Features:

  • Includes adjustable headrest, arm sling and carrying case.
  • Face Hole with filler, Remove to provide your clients comfort and room to breathe while they are prone.
  • Backrest Top, Easily adjusts to allow 10 positions and up to 75 degrees of tilt.
  • Multi-adjustable headrest, Ultimate comfort with 12cm thick soft foam. Removable when not in use, and can be installed on both ends of the table.
  • Rounded Cushion Corners, Offers more convenience to move around the table.

Table Specifications:

Weight: 43 lbs.
Width: 30"
Length: 73"
Height Range: 23" - 32"
Working Weight: 450 lbs
Foam: 2.5"
UL/CE Certified: CE
Rounded Corners: YES
Reiki Endplates: YES
Shiatsu Cables: NO
Free Shipping: NO
Warranty: 2 Year Limited warranty

Table Warranty:

  • 2 Year Warranty with original owner/purchaser for frame, materials and workmanship (Labor not included).
  • 1 Year Warranty on electrical and moving parts (Labor not included).
  • 1 Year* Warranty on foam.
  • 1 Year* Warranty on upholstery.
  • Replacement return shipping back to customer included (USA only, international not included).


*Excludes Normal Wear and Tear.




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