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Earthlite Spirit 35" Massage Table

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Earthlite Spirit Table - 35" Width

The Spirit table, the professional's portable massage table, in a an extra-large 35-inch width. California-crafted by Earthlite, it is absolutely squeak-proof. Its unsurpassed strength comes from the full-length hinge and reinforced ribs that are mortised into the frame, which help minimize flexing of the table. Table only-headrest is not included.

Table Features:

  • Standard Table Size: 35"W x 73"L
  • Adjustable Height: 23" to 33"
  • Foam: luxurious 3 inches of triple-layered, multi-density foam
  • Shiatsu Release enables the table to lie flat on the floor
  • Engineering and construction features include:

    • Finger-jointed table frames for superior strength
    • Solid maple corner blocks for strong and stable leg support
    • Leg braces supported by wooden blocks on each side for extra strength
    • Squeak-proof construction to ensure years of quiet use
    • Soft touch, easy grip adjustment knobs make height adjustments easy, even with oily hands
    • Headrest/Accessory holes at both ends of the table (A headrest is not included with this item.)
    • Reinforced soft carrying handles are thru-bolted with tee nuts
    • Patented Cradle-lock Cable System ensures fast setup & takedown and plenty of maneuvering room with its recessed cables and struts

  • UL Listed Massage Table 68BK
  • Working Weight: 450 pounds
  • Warranted against defects in materials, design, and craftsmanship: Structure-Lifetime, Vinyl-3 years, Foam-5 years

Table Options (Must be specified when the table is ordered. Options are only available through telephone order.):

  • Adjustable Heights: 18 to 25 inches or 20 to 30 inches
  • Reiki End Panels provide maximum knee room
  • Traditional Face Hole and Plug
  • Round Face Hole with Crescent Cushion
  • Round Face Hole Plug
  • Side Armrests: 3.5 x 26 inches each (require accessory holes in each side of the table)

*When cleaning your Earthlite product, please remember to use a product that is safe for use on vinyl, a porous surface. Products designed for use on hard surfaces, such as Citrus II, can damage the upholstery and could void your warranty.



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