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E4 Resistance System With Platform

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The Endorphin Corporation 370 Series recumbent cross trainer platform is an ideal closed chain, low impact aerobic upper and lower body muscle-conditioning platform. The e-system resistance modules are operated and controlled independently and give the user flexibility in customizing treatment for specific injuries or for a general exercise program. The e-system platform recumbent cross trainer is the only upper and lower body exercise platform that provides a height adjustable upper e-system resistance module. The height of the resistance system crank adjusts from 36' to 50' from the floor.

A semi-recumbent seat is orthopedically designed for even weight distribution. The seat adjusts front to rear for proper user positioning and rotates 360 degrees to provide easy access. The seat assembly may be quickly removed to allow for wheelchair accessibility. With the 4 available e-resistance systems e1, e2 e3, e4, Endorphin has recumbent cross trainer models appropriate for physical therapy, cardiac and orthopedic rehabilitation, health and fitness, senior programs, and home use. A magnetic belt drive resistance provides smooth frictionless eresistance in the forward and reverse rotation.

Ergonomically designed hand grips rotate at the push of a button into 3 preset hand positions, vertical, horizontal, & 45 degree angle. Choose from 8 fulfilling workout programs displayed on a large LED matrix display monitor. Exercise session's range from hill climbs to automatically controlled target heart rate programs to a manual select mode. The electronic monitor displays pulse, time, distance, speed, calories, and heart rate. Feel the computer-controlled resistance change during each workout or make it change yourself if you prefer! Cover design eliminates flywheel pinch points for improved user safety. Adjustable cranks arms that adjust from 4? to 9? in length are provided standard on the 380 series.



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