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E3 Resistance System With Platform

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Endorphin E3 Resistance System with Platform

The new 355 series; a height adjustable platform that accommodates all of the new e-resistance system Endorphin hand cycles. This freestanding unit adjusts the height of the e-resistance system module crank form 36" to 50" from the floor. Adjustment is assisted and is made with a simple lever and the positioning cylinder holds the unit at the desired position. The flexibility of this platform allows the e-resistance system you select to be used from a seated or standing position and it is wheelchair accessible.

  • A magnetic chain drive resistance provides smooth, quiet frictionless e-resistance both in the forward and reverse rotation
  • Choose from 8 programmable workout programs displayed on a large LED matrix display monitor. Programs range from hill climbs to auto-controlled target heart rate and a manual select mode.
  • The electronic monitor displays pulse, time, distance, speed, calories, and heart rate. Users can feel the computer-controlled resistance change during each workout or make it change yourself if you preferred.
  • Equipped with standard comfort grip handgrips.
  • The cover design eliminates flywheel pinch points for improved user safety.
  • The Endorphin e3 has 6-20 watt or 1/3rd of the resistance levels of the e2, and it is designed for users with minimal strength that wish to utilize all the features of the e-resistance system.



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