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Zopec™ DT-600 Electrotherapy Device For Hands/Fingers/Wrists Neuropothy & Pains

# 670 1001


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ZOPEC TM DT-600 Electrotheraphy Device for Hands/Fingers/Wrists Neuropathy

  • Designed specifically for the treatment of hand neuropathy. The same treatment has also found to be highly effective for carpal tunnel.
  • Powerful device that is being used in clinics and at home.
  • Designed in the USA. A new and breakthrough technology.
  • FDA approved Class II Medical Device for electrotherapy safety and efficacy.
  • Has a specially designed silver coated hand electrode that provides strong stimulations to fingers, hand, wrist and forearm. Highly effective in helping patients with pain relief, muscle relaxation, and increasing blood circulation to enhance healing.
  • Effectiveness has been evaluated by neurologists, chiropractors, family physicians, and patients with great success. Specifically, it has helped diabetic, chemotherapy and alcoholic patients with hand neuropathy even when medications are no longer effective.
  • Patients benefit from pain relief and reducing the need to take pain killer medications.
  • Patient manual has clear clinical treatment instructions including pictures for each step-by-step procedure.
  • Displays stimulation patterns real time on the easy-to-read LED screen.

Channels 1 channel
Power Source CR2032 batteries (2 for device and 1 for remote control)
Waveform Asymmetric biphasic square
Pulse Mode 8 preset modes
Pulse Width 260-310 uS (preset for each mode)
Pulse Intensity 0-20 mA
Pulse Frequency 2-200 Hz (preset for each mode)
Timer Control 15 minutes per treatment with auto shutoff
Dimensions 2” x 3” x 0.75”
Weight 0.1 lb (batteries excluded)
Limited Warranty 1 Year


  • DT-600 device
  • Silver coated single hand electrode
  • 2"x2" premium adhesive electrodes 4/pack
  • 1 lead wire with button/pin connectors and 1 lead wire with button/button connnectors
  • CR2032 batteries 10/pack
  • Patient manual
Insurance Reimbursement:

Insurance reimbursement now available for this product (depends on each insurance). Please see the Insurance Reimbursement Instruction form attached for more details in the additional documents tab.



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