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Diathermy Auto*Therm 395 Accessory Package

# 664 0002
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Mettler Auto*Therm 395 Shortwave Diathermy

The Auto*Therm 395 features continuous and pulsed shortwave diathermy. This advanced, automatic tuning unit has no less than eight different treatment applicators: three inductive coil applicators, three spaced condenser sets and two soft, flexible plate electrodes. High performance, multi-jointed arms lock in place for ease of use and safety. A membrane panel and intensity control knob make treatment set-ups quick and easy. Each Auto*Therm 395 comes complete with two treatment arms, two 13 cm diameter condenser applicators and cables and one 14 cm diameter inductive coil applicator and cable.


  • Input: 230 VAC ± 10% or 115 VAC ± 100/0, 50-60 Hz
  • Safety Standard: Class I
  • CE mark: CE 0197 for conformity to 93/42/[EC MDD and 89/336/EMC
  • Classification: MDD class IIa
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Dimensions: 85cm H x 38cm W x 38cm D
  • Frequency 27,12 MHz
  • HF peak output: 400W
  • Pulse frequency: 70 Hz / 350 Hz
  • Pulse duration range: 2 ms / 0,4 ms


  • Coil field set*: 1 four-joint folding arm, 1-14cm diameter coil applicator
  • Condenser field set*: 2 four-joint folding arms, 2-13 cm diameter condenser applicators
  • Plate applicator set 1: 2-8 x 14 cm soft-rubber plate applicators with flexible cables, 6 felt spacers, 2 cloth covers

*It is recommended to select either the coil or condenser field set to accompany the basic unit.
*This item must be ordered by a licensed healthcare professional or customers with a prescription.



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