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Chiroflow® Buy 6 Gel Pillows Get 7th FREE Plus FREE Holiday Display

# 830 1599

$332.43 $275.00


Chiroflow® Buy 6 Fiber Filled Pillows Get 7th FREE Plus FREE Holiday Display

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Helps your practice! A great source of revenue and your patients will return for pillows for friends and family.

Chiroflow® Gel Foam Pillow - 26L" x 18W

This waterbase® pillow outperforms regular memory foam pillows because it is softer, cooler, and fully adjustable. The extra soft top layer of the foam cushion is cool gel infused and then ventilated to allow air to circulate completely through the foam cushion and away for the head for extra comfort. The bottom foam layer is firmer foam springs that provide proper support for a neutral spine position. This pillow can be adjusted to customize the level of support and responds to head movement as you sleep to maintain support in any sleeping position.

Best for Your Practice

  • Augments your expert treatment – clinically proven effective in relieving neck pain
  • Available only through chiropractors – Chiroflow Professional is not sold in discount retail stores or websites.
  • Patients like Chiroflow® – over 4 million pillows sold through positive recommendations and feedback from patients.
  • 30-Day Satisfaction Warranty – if a patient isn’t happy, we’ll take it back, no questions asked!
  • Adjusts to fit any patient perfectly – you only need one size! No need to stock multiple shapes and sizes.
  • Helps your practice! – a great source of revenue and your patients will return for pillows for friends and family.


Best for Your Patients  

  • A new source of wellness – improved quality of sleep will reduce signs of aging, improve coping skills and sharpen reaction time.
  • Reduced neck pain intensity – ranked best of all pillows tested in a clinical study at Johns Hopkins University Hospital.
  • Generous jumbo size 20’x 28' – most cervical pillows are under sized to cut costs. Chiroflow fits standard and queen pillowcases.
  • 3-Year warranty against defects – our quality is best and we stand behind our product with the best warranty.
  • Fully adjustable to any preference – the choice is yours, soft medium, or firm.
  • Waterbase responds to head movement – no more waking up to fluff and re-stuff. Proper cervical support all night long even as you change sleeping positions.




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