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Chiroflow® Metal Display Rack With 6 Memory Gel Foam Pillows

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Chiroflow® Metal Display Rack With 6 Memory Gel Foam Pillows

the new Chiroflow metal display rack requires no assembly and has been improved to make it even more durable. The new bin style rack comes pre-stocked with 6 Memory Gel Foam Pillows and header card so it is ready to go right out of the box. The display rack can hold up to 8 Memory Gel Foam Waterbase Pillows.

This waterbased pillow outperforms regular memory foam pillows because it is softer, cooler, and fully adjustable.  The extra soft top layer of the foam cushion is cool gel infused and then ventilated to allow air to circulate completely through the foam cushion and away for the head for extra comfort.  The bottom foam layer is firmer foam springs that provide proper support for a neutral spine position.  This pillow can be adjusted to customize the level of support and responds to head movement as you sleep to maintain support in any sleeping position.

Pillow Size 26" x 18"

30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed



Chiroflow® Gel Memory Foam Pillow
Chiroflow Metal Display Rack With 6 Original Fiberfill Waterbase Pillows
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