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Aspen Medical Products® Evergreen™ 626 Lumbar Lite Brace

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Aspen Medical Products® Evergreen™ 626 Lumbar Lite

The Adjustable Evergreen™ 626 Lumbar Lite delivers effective pain relief and lumbar support. This exceptionally low profile, one size adjustable brace can be comfortably worn under clothing and is easy to don and doff. As an adjunctive treatment to current therapy, the economical Evergreen™ 626 Lumbar Lite relieves pain so patients can get back to the activities of daily living. This one size adjustable brace comfortably fits waists ranging from 28-54 inches and up to 64 inches with the extension panel resulting in a significant savings in inventory costs and space The Evergreen™ 626 Lumbar Lite is now available in a NEW one size adjustable and the original sized version.


  • Reliable Structural Integrityintegrated vertical stays and durable stiffening material provides superior structural integrity for effective compression and flexibility.
  • Easy Access for Custom Modification All structural components are easily removed and can be heat molded, bent or trimmed to further customize the brace to accommodate various patient conditions.
  • Effective Independent Compression Aspen’s patented 4:1 mechanically advantage tightening system independently tightening system top and bottom allowing patients to localize compression where they need it for maximum pain relief.
  • One Size Adjustable Pull-through sizing mechanism allows for quick and easy adjustment. Without the use of tools.
  • Code LO626 Approved Custom Fit


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