Art Of Hot Stone Massage Dvd

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Art Of Hot Stone Massage Dvd
Art Of Hot Stone Massage Dvd
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    The Art of Hot Stone Massage
    by Pat Mayrhofer

    Create the ultimate spa relaxation treatment with a full body hot stone massage.
    Save your hands and energy while working deeply.

    View demonstrations of timeless, therapeutic techniques used by
    professionals around the world to perform relaxation and therapeutic
    massage. Features up-close video footage of massage strokes and
    stone manipulation accompanied by expert narration.

    What you will learn:

    ~ A deeply relaxing and therapeutic full
    body massage using heated stones.
    ~ Thermogenic benefits, history and
    specific techniques.
    ~ Using hot stones to increase relaxation
    and improve energy flow.
    ~ The basic equipment involved in
    heated stone massage.
    ~ Best stones to use for hot stone
    massage work, including which
    stones best conduct and hold the heat.
    ~ Care and cleaning of the stones.
    ~ How to set up the equipment and heat the stones to the proper temperature.
    ~ How to incorporate essential oils into the hot stone massage protocol.
    ~ Information about the effect of different essential oils.
    ~ Recap and review

    Hydrotherapy and the application of heat to the body to produce therapeutic effects can be traced to ancient times. Adding stones to your massage protocol adds a medium for the application of heat and/or cold to the body. Your clients will experience the added benefit of heat and you?ll save your wrists and hands because you?re sharing the work with the stones. The combination of the heat from the stones, the essential oils, and the soothing massage action of stones and oils produces a deep and penetrating state of relaxation and well being ? both for you and your clients.

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    Art Of Hot Stone Massage Dvd

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    Art Of Hot Stone Massage Dvd

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