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Financial Calculation

New for 2016

Last year, we thought the Section 179 limit was $25,000 until late December, when Congress reinstated the $500,000 limit from 2014.  A lot of businesses would have purchased more equipment if they knew EARLIER that the limit was going to end up being $500,000.  Thankfully, in 2015 Congress Made the $500,000 ANNUAL Section 179 expense limit permanent.  Businesses don’t have to wait until the end of 2016 to know how much equipment they can deduct.  Rather than wait until the end of the year, businesses should consider making Qualifying Section 179 purchases* NOW, knowing that the tax deduction is secure and knowing they’ll be able to create incremental revenue with that equipment for the rest of the year.

Up to $500,000 of Qualifying Section 179 Equipment Purchases can be 100% deducted in 2016


Disabled Access Credit Tax Example*

An example is provided on how you can save money by the sale of your existing equipment and taking advantage of the ADA tax credit.


  Section 44 Disabled Access Credit Section 179 Expense Election
Purchase Price $12,500 $12,500
IRS "Floor" -$250 Arrow
Eligible Cost $12,250
Maximum Credit $10,000
Smaller of Purchase Price or Maximum Credit $10,000
Disabled Access Credit Percentage 50%
Disabled Access Credit $5,000
Remaining Tax Basis $7,500
Section 179 Expense Election Saves (assumes 35% Tax Rate) $2,625 $4,375
Net, After Tax Cost of New Equipment Purchase price less Disabled Access Credit and Section 179 Deprication Savings $4,875 $8,125

* Please refer to your tax advisor for current up-to-date details on tax advantages including the example listed above. ScripHessco interpret tax laws or provide advice on your specific tax situation. However, we can make you aware of these opportunities and tax savings and point you to other resources.
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